BAMBOO’s second album ‘The Dragon Flies Away’ was released in May 2017 on Upset The Rhythm. COOKIES directed and produced a video for ‘Always Running’, the leading song from the record. Visually it’s based around the dramatic tiered farming landscapes of the Phillipines and Noh theatre, a form of classical Japanese musical drama pioneered in the 14th century and still performed today, which was a source of inspiration for the band’s songwriter, Rachel Horwood. She mentions: “It was written about a friend who is always putting obstacles in front of themselves and who finds comfort in never succeeding at anything, because maybe to them that is somehow a safer or more comfortable option. So It’s trying to encourage that person to shed off those self-imposed barriers…” This conflict is embodied in the video by the dynamic movements of a masked dancer.

HD Video, 5.45
Shot on Sony A7s mk II
Produced and directed by COOKIES
DOP Jack Barraclough
Drawings by Rachel Horwood
Featuring Natalie Sloth Richter, Rachel Horwood and Nick Carlisle